Terms and Conditions

  1. Class Sizes
  2. Due to our dedication to providing the best possible learning experience, we limit the participants per each workshop to a minimum of three and a maximum of eight people.

  3. Dates and Details
  4. Workshop dates and details may change without notice.

    We understand that your time is valuable. Therefore, we make every attempt to hold our workshops as scheduled. However, if inclement weather or other issues cause a change in our schedule, we will notify all registered attendees via phone and email using the contact information provided to us.

  5. Prerequisites
  6. All participants seeking to attend workshops with a length of two days or more must fulfill our prerequisite requirements.

    To be eligible to sign up for these more advanced workshops the participants must have/be one of the following;

    • An eligible participant must have their Home Improvement Contractors I.D. number

    • or

    • An eligible participant must be enrolled in Bucks County Community College‚Äôs Preservation Program or a program of the like

    • or

    • An eligible participant must have taken one of our half or whole day workshops prior to enrolling in the advanced series (two-day length or more)

    MAS-03 Grave Marker and Monument Cleaning and Repair (Intermediary) is exempt from the prerequisite requirements.
    Other exceptions can be granted on a case to case basis and are to be determined be the staff of The Craftwork Training Center at their discretion. If you feel this could apply to you, please inquire about our exceptions to the prerequisite requirements at 215-536-6706.

  7. Behavior
  8. Participants must conduct themselves professionally. An important goal at the Craftwork Training Center is to provide the best possible learning experience and environment for all. With this in mind, our rules are simple. Conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manor and do not impede the learning of others.

  9. Alternative Payment Options
  10. We discount our workshops for all US Veteran's with a valid ID. Our goal is to train people with vocational trades who have natural artistic abilities. Therefore, alternative payment options with timed payments, spread out in workable intervals can be arranged with us if there is a proven need.