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Demystify Plaster Wall Repair!

Learn how to repair, retain, and maintain the beauty and elegance of original plaster walls using TAKCOAT and TOPCOAT lime plasters from LimeWorks.us.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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Historic Preservation Boot Camp

Basic training in masonry restoration starts here. We'll help you become a lean, mean, repointing machine . . . and more!

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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Dig In!

Learn how to use Lithomex to replicate the texture, color, shading, veining, and mottling of original masonry and achieve durable and convincing simulations.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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Ride the Hempcrete wave into sustainable green building!

Hempcrete is an ideal infill for additions, remodels, retrofits, and new construction. Join us for a 2-day workshop to learn the basics of building with hempcrete. The difference is in the walls.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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TLC for Historic Wood Windows

Preserve your architectural heritage, and put your pieces of history back to work. Join us for a 1-day or 2-day workshop to restore vintage wood windows with our preservation specialist.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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Lime Mortar - It's more than meets the eye!

Breathe new life into deteriorating mortar joints. Learn the art of repointing using lime mortar to repair, retain, and maintain the beauty and elegance of your architectural heritage.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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Repointing vintage masonry with attitude!

Elevate the level of your craftsmanship by learning the techniques needed to simulate distinctive joint profiles such as ribbon, weathered ridge, beaded, and/or grapevine repointing.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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Rest In Peace--Not in Pieces!

Learn preservation practices to keep gravestones and monuments from deteriorating further; understand the significance of original materials and details; and recognize how to stabilize, repair, and retain features wherever possible to ensure their safekeeping for future generations.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

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Beauty that endures and is built on tradition.

Picture your favorite historic building, then imagine it returned to full glory. Join us for a 2-day workshop to learn the skills you need bring new life to old stone and brick using Lithomex surface repair mortar.

Register online here or call 215-536-1776.

About the Organization

The Craftwork Training Center Workshops are lead by a group of artisans, called "Mentoring Members." The Mentoring Members of the Craftwork Training Center consist of an international private guild of artisans who represent a myriad of craft disciplines.

Mentoring Members of the Craftwork Training Center should all share the common desire to propagate valuable vocational crafts for the benefit of current and future generations in every place where their influence can be effective.

One of the first important steps in re-invigorating the already popular craftwork training movement in the US is to create awareness of the needed and valuable craft disciplines.

This will effectively be done by emphasizing to people considering to learn a vocational craft how the crafts can be valuable to them and to society. Earning a living through a vocational craft is a key part of the message intended to influence people to consider crafts as an alternative or to augment a college education and one’s current career. Creating awareness requires that our mentoring members are able to convey knowledge of their craft verbally and/or through writings while also possessing the ability to properly demonstrate their craft in an active workshop environment. Mentoring members become part of the legacy by keeping the crafts alive when teaching and practicing each craft to the current industry standards or they are otherwise encouraged to develop a written standard when certain crafts need a written standard developed. We hope that our student interns will become instrumental in keeping the crafts alive as well when they go out into the workforce and marketplace to practice and perfect what they have learned through our organization. Student interns are encouraged to spread the word about the crafts to their friends so that these friends may choose to pursue a valuable vocational craft for themselves.

The headquarters for Craftwork Training Center is in beautiful Bucks County at "Millhafen Farm", home of the old Derstine Sawmill. Our address is 3145 State Road, Telford, Pennsylvania, 18969.

We are always looking for exceptionally talented artisans and encourage anyone reading this to tell us about the talented craftspeople who they know. Please consider to share your experience surrounding the exceptional abilities which you have seen in someone in a craft so that we may consider to reach out to these individuals to at least know of our organization.

We encourage all craftspeople to contact us if they believe that they have a gift within a valuable craft discipline that would forward our mission through their involvement with us and want others to know about the services they have by networking with us and potentially teaching for us.

There is no obligation placed on any who share a story to actually become involved with the Craftwork Training Center. Just e-mail us to tell us about someone or about yourself if you think you would like to make that initial contact and begin to have an association with us for potential future involvement. Make sure to send contact information on whomever the craftsperson is plus contact information on those who can validate the authenticity of their work. It is best to send this information with photo references to represent examples of completed work. We review this type of information in order to help us build confidence in any craftsperson’s abilities especially as an introduction to them if we were to want to reach out to them and if we end up referring them and their services to those who use our database to find craftwork specialists in their area.

Members of our private organization can be just a listed Artisan and/or "Mentoring Member" who potentially could teach the craft discipline to others. We select Mentoring Members as we need to have the craft represented and we find that we have been introduced to a juried quality artisan who can effectively do this. Mentoring members of the Craftwork Training Center go through a vetting process where they must be endorsed by their peers as a key person who is thorough both in their interpretation and understanding of their craft and their ability to personally carry out the craft discipline to what might be considered the highest standards of their industry.